Rise of the Fourth Moon

On May 6th, 2013, a sudden spark of inspiration struck me in the middle of the night. Those thoughts evolved into the outlines of what has the potential to be a very interesting project.

Edit: 17th June
Over this past week I have been working closely with a creative artistic advisor and friend of mine, who wishes to remain anonymous, over the design of the cover for Rise of the Fourth Moon. As a result, I now have a cover that comes much closer to my own (probably too high) standards for a book cover. Even better than that, it looks good on my Kindle as a grayscale thumbnail.

Rise of the Fourth Moon blurb:
Tsulan, an archipelago scattered on sapphire oceans, is home to many wondrous creatures, their majesty granted by the Edy; the force of Majik that powers all life on Tsulan. Although Majik is ever present on Tsulan, the Edy becomes more powerful beneath Xi’s light. With each of the three previous rises, Xi has heralded new beginnings for the lands below. This time, the new light shows the terror lurking within the shadows.

Inala and Alani are twins born under the rising of Xi, the moon’s blessing of the glimmer shining in their eyes and through their hair. But as Xi’s rays grow brighter the world around them changes from the peace and beauty that has always been found in the lands of Zaer to something much darker.

As people start to go missing, rumours are spread, blaming Inala and her brother. Their family flee the town for the safety of the woodlands, but not before they too are struck with the pain of losing a loved one. Powerless to help, Inala watches as her brother is torn limb from limb. Swearing under the watchful gaze of Xi and on the remains of her twin, Inala vows that she will save their parents, the town and the whole of Tsulan from these retched creatures.

Below you can see the previous cover, along with the new, updated version. Many thanks go to my friend; without their input the cover would’ve taken much, much longer.

Cover designed May 20th
Cover designed May 20th
Created in collaboration June 17th
Created in collaboration
June 17th

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