Between the Lines

Between the Lines, (previously titled Vita Ex Libris) tells the story of a young man who, through a combination of less than ideal situations, finds himself trying to pay tribute to the memory of the most dear man in his life.  For Craig it is not only a test of courage and perseverance but also a trial for his morals and heart.

From the opening page we watch as Craig’s limited world falls apart; the world he knew crumbles and bad situations take a turn for the worse.  The universe, it seems, is planning something; situations and people he never thought to meet become integral in his life, with far greater roles to play than he ever dreamed.

This book is still in need of love and attention, and although I had intended to publish this July I have decided to postpone that date until I feel the book is as good as it should be. Below is the cover I have designed recently for this book, as well as the original I used during NaNoWriMo.

Update: 3rd June

Having received feedback on sections of my book as well as my cover design from 28th May, I decided to not only redesign my cover but also alter the ending of the book to one which seems a little more realistic than the almost perfect way it was finishing beforehand. I’m happier with it now, and it cuts a lot of the skirting-around-the-issue parts that were really getting on my nerves. It’s much more wholesome, and I think the cover clues buyers into the content of the book a little more than previous designs did.

Cover created 2nd July
Cover created 2nd July 2013


Cover designed 3rd June
Cover designed 3rd June 2013
Cover designed 28th May 2013
Cover designed 28th May 2013
The cover I used for Vita Ex Libris during NaNoWriMo
The cover I used for Vita Ex Libris during NaNoWriMo

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