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Open Primary; a 5-star book review

Open Primary on Amazon Kindle

As with all of A.C. Fuller’s books, Open Primary held my attention and kept me up well into the wee hours, reading it in a single sitting. Although I had my reservations about this book—could Fuller make modern politics, specifically American elections, interesting? Is such a thing even possible?—I have to say that it was nothing short of brilliant.

Open Primary follows Mia Rhodes, a passionate, motivated employee of Alex Vane’s (who readers will recognise from the Alex Vane Media Thriller series) on a course to revolutionise American politics.

Aside from wanting to read more about Mia, the idea behind the book fascinated me. Mia and I share a belief that politics, as it currently stands, is an ineffectual, broken system.  So, what does she intend to do? She wants to open the way for an independent candidate, a member of the public, to stand in the 2020 election as a viable alternative.

The question I found myself asking was why not? Yes, this is a strange and unusual approach, but sometimes that is exactly what is needed. Turning politics into an open, anyone-can-enter popularity contest is in many ways fairer than choosing between only a handful of candidates, all of whom are backed by political agendas and bankrolled by various corporations.

Why not, indeed? In many ways, I hope that Open Primary is a glimmer of what is to come; an end to the two- or three-horse races which are elections, making way for the possibility that something different, something better, could rise up instead. If Open Primary is indeed a glimpse of what the future might hold, it could be exactly what is needed to really change the face of politics around the world.

I’d like to thank A.C. Fuller for the ARC of this book; my review is voluntary and is entirely my own.

I cannot wait to see where the story goes in book 2.


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