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Isle of Winds; a 5-star review

When I was approached by Jack Butler from Venture Press asking if I’d like to review a book by an author I’d not heard of, I was excited. I love discovering new, talented writers. I did, however, have reservations about it being a YA novel. There have been many I’ve read which infantilise both characters and the reader, and often show the characters behaving only as stereotypes. However, the appeal of reading a new author’s work far outweighed my reservations, so I dived in. Without a doubt, I’m so glad that I did.IsleofWinds

Isle of Winds is the first book in James Fahy’s Changeling series, and what an opener it is! In an attempt to avoid spoiling what I felt was an enchanting and engaging book, I shall keep this review brief.

Changeling takes the reader on a journey between this world and the Netherworlde—a world existing parallel to our own, and accessible by through gateways known as Janus stations. Here exists all manner of creatures, from pixies and ghosts to satyrs and fae. The Netherworlde has its own laws and history, with social tensions and civil unrest playing an important role. The characters each performed as well crafted individuals, bringing with them another facet or layer of intrigue to what was already a fascinating story.

James Fahy’s skill for compelling storytelling makes this book simply a delight to read. Once I’d begun, I found it difficult to put this book down—which is praise in itself—and when I did I would often find my mind drifting back between the pages, wondering what would happen next. I look forward to the arrival of book 2!

Treat yourself to a last-minute gift this year and pick up your own copy of Isle of Winds todayavailable as both Kindle and paperback.

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