New Moon Resolution

New Moon Resolution 12

It’s November, already, and time for me to make another New Moon Resolution.

In case you hadn’t seen my previous post, (or the big, green button on the left hand side,) I’ve got a fundraising campaign running. If you’d like to find out more about me, my circumstances, and what I’d be doing with the money you can follow this link. What I will reiterate, however, is one rather important point. One that, as far as I’ve seen, makes my campaign different from all others.

contactbuttonYes, it’s collecting together donations from people across the globe. However, if you—being generous in nature, but also aware that your financial resources are finite—could see your way to making the donation as a way of lending me money, I shall pay back whatever donation you make, as soon as it is reasonable for me to do so.

If that sounds like you, then please head over to the campaign and donate and then, once you’re done, click on the envelope and send me a message. Anything there will do, just to let me know that you’d be happy to lend the money, and I’ll add your name to a list.

Raising money is only one part of this resolution. The other part is no less daunting for me.

Being a voracious reader, I’ve seen some truly shocking editing make its way between the covers of what would otherwise have been a great book. Each time, I have thought to myself, “I could do that.” Then, last week, I was given the opportunity to really do it.

A friend of mine is re-releasing their book in the next week, and was in need of a little help editing. Mainly I was to go through and eliminate grammar problems, rework any awkward sentences, and ensure that everything worked as it should. And I’m absolutely loving it.

Most freelance editors are backed up by a solid reputation, qualifications, or both. This has been what deterred me from trying beforehand—who would want to hire someone with no previous clients, and no editorial background? But having had a taste, I think I’ll go for it. After I’ve finished working on this book, of course.

One step at a time.

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