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Enduring Armageddon; a 4-star review

Not like the others…

I was hesitant about reading this book, dreading it would be yet another carbon-copy of the oh-so-many zombie apocalypse books out there in the ever-growing dystopia market. I needn’t have worried.

Enduring Armageddon by Brian Parker is a well told, interesting addition to the post-EAapocalyptic genre. There were the necessary parallels one would expect within this genre, but also enough interesting differences to keep me engrossed.

Throughout the book the element of danger was ever-present, in various different guises. From background radiation and acid raid to roving bands of scavengers, not to mention the wild, mutated animals and the zombies themselves. But even with the constant threats to the characters’ lives often taking more than one form, this book wasn’t just a string of action sequences tied together with a weak plot. It was much more than that.
I was pleasantly surprised to find myself investing in the futures of the characters. There were moments where, had it not been the middle of the night, I’d have shouted at them, “don’t do it!”.

There were, however, moments where I did stop to question the reality of the book. Can you really walk inside a fallout zone, so soon after a nuclear strike, with only a dust-mask covering your face? I wasn’t sure, but it seemed a little off; the nuclear warheads detonated and either mutated or destroyed whatever they came into contact with, yet only a short time later and the characters are travelling nearby and not getting ill from radiation poisoning.

Even with those suspension of belief moments, I was still compelled to carry on reading through to the night, to the end of the book. After following these characters through so much I—like many others—hope that there is a sequel in the making.

You can get Enduring Armageddon for Amazon Kindle here.

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