New Moon Resolution

New Moon Resolution 6

I knew it was bound to happen eventually. This post is a full 20 days late. Sorry about that. This time I really will click “publish”, and not just save another draft.

This being the sixth New Moon resolution I’ve made so far this year, I feel that I’m at a good point to reflect. These resolutions have wrought very positive changes in my life, and in a way that doesn’t feel constricting nor overwhelming. Had I tried to make even half this amount of New Year resolutions, I know I would not have stuck to them anywhere near this long. Some of them, maybe, but not all.

So this New Moon my resolution will be a fairly straightforward one. A healthier diet. Not to diet, but to make my choices of food more balanced and beneficial. More fresh fruit and vegetables, more fish, less red meat. I’m hoping that this will serve me in good stead as the warmer days arrive, while also boosting my energy levels.

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