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New Moon Resolution 4

Yesterday was the New Moon, and in continuation of what I have been doing so far this year, I’m here to make my fourth New Moon Resolution. As this New Moon was a special one, I did say I’d be making a more pronounced resolution. Or rather, I’ll be making several, smaller resolutions.

As you probably know, yesterday was a pretty special day for three reasons. Firstly, it was the New Moon, which to me is important in itself. Second, it was the Vernal Equinox—the marker of ¼ of the year, with both day and night being equal lengths. Thirdly, and more spectacularly, it was the total Solar Eclipse.

As I sat outside watching the eclipse with my mum yesterday morning, relishing the quiet and serenity of just being in the warm Spring air, I realised just how much I had missed it. The feeling of sun on my skin is a balm, the innate connectedness of being outside, is something I have missed over these cold months.

That made me decide what part of my resolution this moon should be: To make time for myself, separate from things I would normally be doing, and just be. Before I fell ill I would spend a lot of time outside. Sitting and watching the backlit clouds made me realise how much I’ve been missing it, and how much better I felt because of it.

The weather here sadly let us down, with the cloud finally clearing after the moon had made its passage across the sun. Thankfully, there were many people who had been more fortunate with the weather, uploading their pictures of the eclipse, as well as a live stream. It’s not quite the same as watching it for yourself, but it is a close second. Even with the full spectacle hidden from view, the atmosphere was something special and I’m glad to have been part of it.

For the second part of this moon’s resolution I have decided it’s high time I got myself a little more organised. The Equinox marks (for me at least) the true arrival of Spring, so it’s time for some Spring cleaning. I don’t just mean the usual cleaning of the house, though. I’m including everything in my Spring clean: my hard drive and any removable storage devices; the daunting number of ring-binders, notepads and miscellaneous pieces of paper; the boxes under my bed, everything. Things should have a home, if they’re useful, and if not then they should go. One task I’ve been putting off is burning all my digital photos to disk. I’ve had it happen in the past where a hard drive has suddenly died, taking with it all the photographs and other data on it. I don’t want that to happen again. The disks are sat waiting to be burnt, now I just need to get to it.

With two good choices made, I am undecided what to have as the third and final part of this moon’s resolutions. For now, I think I’ll leave it open, and if an idea strikes me in the next few weeks, I’ll include it. If you have any suggestions for a resolution I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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