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New Moon Resolution 3

Tonight brings with it another New Moon, marking the third resolution for me in my year of resolutions. This moon is also a Super Moon, meaning that it’s the closest new moon of the year. It is also a seasonal Black Moon; that is, the third of four new moons in the current season (December solstice to March equinox).

Followers of my blog will already know that I have been making resolutions every New Moon since the Winter Solstice. This moon’s choice was an easy one to make.

Last weekend I attempted something new, setting myself the challenge of writing a book in a weekend. You can read about it here. On the back of my experiences there, and considering time necessary to plan a little beforehand as well as recover and recharge afterwards, I’m going to make this resolution more realistic and thus more likely to be a success than that weekend’s venture.

My third New Moon Resolution is more ambitious than those before it. I have decided that I shall, every 3-4 weeks, spend a weekend writing a new short story. Following the principles of the Book in a Weekend, this will serve several goals. Not only will it give me more practise in writing, and doing so more frequently, but also allow me to use these weekends to work on the short stories collection I began during NaNoWriMo 2014.

As I am still recovering from my weekend’s overzealous attempt at a new book, I shall refrain from writing anything for this resolution for at least another week. After that, one short story per month should keep my creative juices flowing comfortably throughout the year.

The next New Moon falls on March 20th, along with a total Solar Eclipse on the same day at  09:46:47 UT (that’s GMT, in case you still work to the old abbreviation). I shall endeavour to make the next New Moon resolution something extra special in light of this.

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