Challenge Accepted!

I came across a post from Word Bohemia’s Facebook page which grabbed my interest, wrestled away my reservations and compelled me to sign up there and then.

The clever people over at Word Bohemia have issued a year-long flash-fiction writing challenge, Here’s what their website has to say.

Flash Fiction Workout is a weekly challenge to flex and tone your writing skills.

We will provide you with a prompt. The challenge is then to produce a short piece of writing – anything between a story of a few words to 1,000.

Prompts will vary. It might be a single word, a phrase, a concept, or a photograph, but each week will offer something different.

Feedback will be provided by peers in a private area of this website. Access to the content is only available through registration.

This challenge is intended to be fun, and while you are not required to engage every week, it does hold the potential for you to produce fifty-two pieces of written word by the end of 2015.

The first prompts went live today, so if you think this might be something you’d enjoy, or that you could benefit from a little risk-free creativity then you can sign up for free here.

[A note of warning: side-effects may include discovering your muse, improving your range of writing, banishing fears of the unknown, an increase in ability to work to a deadline and elimination of under-developed self-confidence. Proceed with caution.]

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