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New Year’s resolutions

Do you put stock in the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions? Is it important to make a commitment to changing something about yourself at only a specific time of year?

I’m not much into the whole New Year’s resolution thing. Of course, it is better to aim toward improving yourself, but I’ve always felt that people only doing this at the beginning of the new calendar year rather odd. Why not the beginning of every month? Or on their birthday, making each year’s resolutions that bit more personal to them. The resolutions could even be tied with religious observances or natural phenomena. Whatever speaks to you as an individual really. The more connected you are with your resolution, the more likely you are to stick to it.

So going with that line of thinking I have decided on a different course; I will make one resolution for every cycle of the moon. With each New Moon I shall be further committing myself and adding another resolution. Nothing too ground-breaking though, I have decided to address the details more specifically this year and see where that gets me. Starting small with only one thing shall hopefully be easy enough, but by my birthday I will have 8 resolutions to contend with, and be only days away from making my ninth.

I made my first resolution with the arrival December’s New Moon on the 22nd. I want to be a better writer. One of my weaknesses is the overuse of commas, so that is this moon’s resolution; “Use fewer commas”. Short, simple and to the point.

I’ll be posting and tweeting under hashtag #NewMoonResolution with my progress and about the following resolutions with my final one being made on January 10th, 2016. That’s a whole year of resolution-making, I hope you’ll join me along the way.

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