Gosh darn it, I’ve done it again!

At midday on the 11th, AA100 – my first official module toward my degree – finished. Thankfully I had handed in my assignment with no problems an hour beforehand. I breathed a sigh of relief, poured myself a coffee and sat back to relax. I told myself “right, free time now. So that means a few days to recuperate, then back to working on at least one of the WIPs. No getting distracted, just focus on what needs to be finished.”

It was all going well until about a couple of hours ago.

Just as I was about to turn off for the night – once again, I’m not really tired, but know I should probably be asleep – that itch of an idea creeps up on me. Before I even realised it I had opened Scrivener, created a new project, and was tapping out my thoughts barely able to keep up. My creative autopilot certainly does think quickly!

So really, the whole “no getting distracted” part really hasn’t worked out. At all. But on the definite bright side, I have a gentle project to work on during these nights of restlessness. This could lead to some interesting tales… I hope!

I have absolutely no idea when this one will get finished, I’ve no idea yet of even how long it should be so I can’t even guess. But rest assured that I’ll keep you posted.

And now, to bed. Goodnight!

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