So, I was wrong.

Those are hard words to say, especially when they’re meant. But that’s where I find myself today.

I’d decided to take a break from reading my OU course materials and have a nap – not unusual for me, I can only concentrate for so long before headaches and fatigue kick me into submission. I’d just gotten comfortable and silenced my conscience when, out of nowhere, I realised exactly why one of my books Rise of the Fourth Moon wasn’t working.

I’d been approaching it entirely wrong!

The characters that I’ve created are not the issue, nor is the world in which they live. Not even the plot itself. But the delivery, the levels of detail, and how I’ve approached the plot are entirely wrong.

I know this is a good thing to realise now rather than further down the line. But, it’s still a bitter pill to swallow.

So, I’ll pick myself up, dust my bruised confidence off, and carry on. I’ll keep the notes I’ve made. The sketches and the storyboarding can stay too, and start again, from the top. With a new title – that is another of the problems, but easier to correct than the rest so I’m not worried.

Have you restarted a project you were struggling with? Had a story go off the rails but been thankful you didn’t scrap it part-way through? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

One thought on “So, I was wrong.

  1. I’ve repeatedly restarted almost every project I’ve worked on. (All of the novel ones, and a few non-novel ones too!)
    I can usually console myself by trying to convince myself I’m a perfectionist… Doesn’t always work! hehe.

    Anyways, wishing you all the best there. Hoping it will work for you this time 🙂

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