More than a blanket apology, honest!

Although I preface this post with exactly that; a blanket apology. I have neglected both my blog and what was a nicely growing following on Twitter. Sorry about that.

My focus has shifted of late, from ploughing through NaNoWriMo, to taking some time to collect myself, some more-than-a- little painful revisions, planning my next step with my Open University degree and… well, now we’re here. At almost the end of January (what, already?!).

My next degree module, course code AA100, starts at the beginning of February, and I expect it will leave me with very little free time. If I have to choose between reading / writing and blogging / meandering the internet, I know which I will almost certainly choose. So while this blog shall almost certainly languish further, I ask that you not forget about me entirely, and I shall endeavour to post far more frequently (preferably at least once a month).

On the plus side, I am managing to further polish what will be my first book, (yes, I’m almost happy with the first two chapters now). It will be a while before it’s quite ready to be set free out into the world, but even if I get an entire passable first draft done by the summer, I shall count that as a great success.

So, as I continue along this meandering pathway I hope that you shall walk it with me, pausing often to smell the flowers or enjoy the magnificent scenery. After all, a journey made with good company has no equal.

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