Onto the next step

I’ve just enjoyed a most lovely conversation with a nice young man down in Milton Keynes and signed up for my next module with the Open University.

I am now officially signed up on AA100 and on the road toward my BA (honours) degree in English Language and Literature! I really look forward to starting work on that in February, and having had two months to recover after NaNo has finished should be the perfect amount of time.

Speaking of NaNo, I think my progress isn’t going too badly at all. The story is going slowly, but so far I’ve managed to avoid trapping myself in a plot corner and writing myself into the ground. There will be a lot of re-writing to be done after I’ve “finished” but that’s a way off yet, and entirely to be expected. For now, onward to the finish line, victory and the future.

One thought on “Onto the next step

  1. Onward to the finish line, victory and the future! 🙂

    Wishing you the best of luck with all three! 😀

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