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Dreams of the Queen; a review

Dreams of the Queen is an entertaining and fun science fiction read with a well rounded mix of horror, military adventure and a touch of erotic romance.

Dreams of the QueenCass Baros, a leading scientist, and her fiancé Julian are working on creating a wormhole within the confines of their laboratory. Throughout her life, Cass has had strange dreams; a strange cave, mysterious chanting in a language she doesn’t know, and a beautiful yet strange man who insists she is his queen.

With the wormhole now created and holding stable in the artificial vacuum, Cass learns of Julian’s methods for securing their funding, lumbering their exploratory scientific team with a nanny-troop of six soldiers, commanded by Captain Lewis.

The now-doubled team of twelve travel through the wormhole, finding themselves transported to a cave with Earth-like conditions. After their arrival things continue to get stranger for the team as they meet a party of Brajj warriors, the natives of this world, and their leader, Jeamon – the man from Cass’s dreams.

The story twists in several ways, keeping interest and excitement throughout. The depths to which the main villain who calls himself “Master” has sunk and how he is warping the world around him was well executed in a horrific sense.

All of the characters had their own strengths and weaknesses, giving a realistic feeling in their imperfections. Overall, the characters balanced each other, complimenting traits against each other and allowing for additional sub-plots to be hinted at without seeming strained.

This book was very enjoyable, the plot well rounded and the twists enough to surprise without seeming unrealistic and the characters worked incredibly well. The ending of the book, while not entirely unexpected, did shock me a little; the perfect ending to a very good read.

Dreams of the Queen is available on Amazon for Kindle

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