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Last night I finished reading ‘Tethers‘ by Jack Croxall.

As a general rule I have found that books with children as their main characters tend to be somewhat lacking and overly simplistic. I was surprised and pleased with how layered this was, though.

The more I learned about the main characters Karl and Esther, the mysterious circumstances they have found and nefarious people associated, I felt myself being pulled into the story.
From life in their home town to running away seeking answers, saving strangers and new friends from danger and experiencing things they had not imagined; Karl and Esther grow throughout the book in a measured and well crafted way.

Tethers is a balanced blend of adventure and action, with the undercurrents of emotion you would expect from characters of that age group. The only down side was that it was over too quickly; I look forward to book 2!

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