Concentration, or a lack thereof

Today, and most all of this week, I’ve struggled to write.  Not for a lack of wanting, or a drought in the well of ideas; but I just can’t seem to hold my concentration in one place long enough.  It’s like it with everything, though.  Even reading, which I absolutely love, doesn’t grab me for more than an hour.  That’s a massive change to last week, where I could happily read through the evening and into the night, forcing myself to stop before the sky began to lighten.

When I was last struggling, it was the weather; all the miserable cold and perpetual snowfall we had was not encouraging me to do anything other than snug up and keep warm.  Today was very windy, fair enough, but the sky was bright and the sun even shone… I have no idea why I’m so unable to latch onto anything and stay with it for any length of time.

I’m hoping this, whatever it is, either sorts itself out or goes away entirely, and does so soon.  I can afford a day or two off from writing, (that may even be constructive,) but I need to get back to it by the weekend.

I didn’t even get this while doing NaNo.  I wonder if the rest of the country is feeling the same.

One thought on “Concentration, or a lack thereof

  1. Might just be something in the air.
    I’ve felt the same way all of this year so far, and most of the last few months of last year too…

    If you find the cure, please let me know! 🙂
    *offers encouraging hugs* ❤

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